Agia Marina Church

Kissos - Pelion Greece

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Visit the beautiful church of Agia Marina in Pelion

The magical region of the Pelion peninsula is one of the most beautiful and unique in all of Greece.

It is a place where nature flourishes, and where the mountain and sea blend together perfectly to create a unique and inspiring setting for your travels and holidays in Greece.

Situated on the mountain slopes, at an altitude of 520 meters, is the highly beautiful and traditional Pelion village of Kissos.

The scenery is full of beauty and offers picturesque landscapes of trees, around which ivy winds majestically upwards as though reaching for the heavens.

Kissos is one of the most beautiful villages in all of the Pelion Peninsula, and it perfect for visiting all year round, where each season brings with it a unique mystique and magic.

As well as being a village of extreme splendour, it is also home to the most famous Basilica church in all of Pelion, Agia Marina. The church of Agia Marina (Saint Marina) can be found in the large paved square of the village.

It is one of the most visited in all of Pelion. People from all over the world make the journey to Kissos to visit this magnificent church, and to admire the beauty and inspiration that the church exudes.

Agia Marina is situated in a beautiful location, and is surrounded by nature at its most glorious. From its impressive bell tower, to its small fountain of fresh spring water, the church of Agia Marina is an instantly impressive sight, and this is only from the outside .....

The Story of the Church of Agia Marina

If you would like to learn more about this truly unique and charming church, you can find this beautifully written book about the story of the Church of Agia Marina Kissos. The book was written by Father Mihalis, and tells the history and story of the church. Inside the book you will also find a huge selection of beautiful photosgraphs featuring the stunning iconostastis that are found inside the church. The book is available at the church and you will soon be able to purchase a copy of it online.